Day 9 – Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good Morning everyone I hope you all had a lovely evening last night. So the results of the big Sumdog competition are in… drum roll please 🥁🥁🥁🥁

In first place 🏆Nicholas🏆 with 380 combined points

In second place 🥈Murtaza🥈 with 224 combined points

In third place 🥉Suado🥉 with 198 combined points

In Fourth Place ⭐️Afsatu ⭐️with 195 combined points

In fifth place ⭐️Kyra ⭐️with 168 combined points

Well done everyone for taking part 🙂 remember these scores are a total taken from the maths, reading and spelling sections of Sumdog over 2 days and were gathered at 5pm yesterday so if you went on to play after this time then your results won’t have been counted.

Today’s activities are:

1) Mark your work from yesterday (Day 8) using the photos below

2) CGP Fiction – An Underground City

3) CGP Pack 2 Set A – Reasoning Paper 3

4) Primary SPAG Level 6 Paper 5

5) An Art activity which I will be posting this afternoon

Answers from Yesterday (Day 8):

Day 8 – Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good Morning Everyone and happy first day of April 🙂 I want to say a big well done to those of you who have been completing the work and writing on the blog – you are doing a great job!

Another big well done to those of you who are regularly logging on to and taking the tests – I will be publishing a list of the people who have completed the most work on that site tomorrow so keep up the good work! New tests will also be coming tomorrow!

Sumdog Challenge: These are the results at the end of day 1 but there is still one day to go… remember this can be for Maths, Reading or Spelling I have checked them all and will check them all again at the end of today 🙂

Today’s Tasks:

1) Mark your work from yesterday (Day 7) using the answers below 🙂

2) CGP Poetry – Out in the Snow (Day 8)

3) CGP Pack 2  Set A – Reasoning Paper 2 (Day 8)

4) Primary SPAG Level 6 Paper 4 (Day 8)

5) Science Lesson 5 – This will be posted this afternoon

Answers from Yesterday (Day 7):

Day 7 – Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good Morning Alpacas, well done for another great day of learning yesterday. I have included the activities for today below:

1) Mark answers from Yesterday (Day 6)

2) CGP Poetry – A night with Wolf

3) CGP Pack 2  Set A – Arithmetic Paper 1

4) Primary SPAG Level 6 Paper 3

5) P4C Activity – Posted later today 🙂

Remember I would also like to see everyone logging on to and challenging themselves with a daily test 🙂

Sumdog Challenge: The competition Begins!

Over the next 2 days I will be running a Sumdog Challenge – The top 3 scores will be announced on this blog on Thursday Morning – Good Luck Alpacas!!!!

Answers from Yesterday (Day 6):